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Hybrid Poker

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app-icon-1   AI Guided Learning

Software that works for you

While you play, the Hybrid Poker AI learns about your strengths and weaknesses. Our diagnostic tool helps quickly identify and fix leaks in your game. You'll never have to figure out what to study again - our AI guided system does it all for you automatically.

app-icon-2   Dive Deeper

Understand your strengths & weaknesses

For the first time in poker history, we make your entire game tree visible. You can finally see where the strongest and weakest areas of your game are! We also enable you to drop in and practice any specific node in the game tree to improve your play in that spot.

app-icon-3   Test your Knowledge

Benchmark your skills against other players

Our Poker IQ Test allows you to test your knowledge in a variety of curated spots. See how you stack up against your friends and professional Poker players! Finally you can find out who is actually better, not who just got lucky.

app-icon-4   Smart Tools

Get an in depth analysis of your sessions

Every time you train with Hybrid Poker, we’re analyzing the data from your play. When reviewing your sessions you can see what skills you worked on, overview your accuracy, and discover where you’re losing EV! You’re also able to drop back into specific spots to give them another try.

AI Learning
AI Learning

Hybrid Poker AI tracks every answer you submit to fully understand your game. The more spots you play the better understanding you can get of where the biggest leaks are in your play.

Play Your Range
Play Your Range

Go in depth into any spot. Our answer screen not only allows you to see the correct play for your current hand, but allows you to see the GTO answer for any spot that you are in.


Take a break from your studying and watch perfect poker being played. GTO TV allows you to watch as a table of computers play perfect GTO poker against each other with cards faceup.

We’ve done the solver work
so you don’t have to!

How we solved Preflop

Our Preflop trees are researched, constructed, and solved using Simple Preflop. Correctly built preflop trees are very complicated, tedious to build, and require special servers with huge amounts of RAM to be able to compute. We run our preflop solutions on extremely powerful servers for several months to achieve the highest level of accuracy.

Simple Preflop Settings:
Rake = 5% capped at 0.6bb (PokerStars 500 Zoom Rake)
Modern Buckets = 10k/10k/10k
Algo = ESCFR
>270 I/N (Extremely long multi-month calculation time to achieve this level of accuracy).
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algo 1
How we solved Postflop

Our Postflop trees are researched, constructed, and solved using PioSolver. There are many different CFR solvers on the market, but Pio's level of accuracy and ability to converge and find the "clean single size" strategy is by far the best performer. PioSolver is also widely accepted amongst the professional poker community as the gold standard for accuracy.

Note: Other CFR solvers on the market may show similar exploitability #'s to Pio's, but often don't converge and find the "clean single size" solution at the same level of exploitability that Pio does until they run for much longer. We solve complex trees down to an extreme level of accuracy (<0.25% of the pot) using Pio on powerful specialized servers to achieve this level of accuracy and provide clean, converged solutions

PioSolver Settings:
Rake = 5% capped at 0.6bb (PokerStars 500 Zoom Rake)
Most spots = 4 bet sizes / 4 raise sizes / 2 donk sizes
Algo = ESCFR
Accuracy <0.25% of the pot (A single flop for a 2bp spot can take over 5hours to solve to achieve this level of accuracy)

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algo 2

Tried & tested by professional poker players

Hybrid Poker is the best combination of learning to study GTO and how to exploit your opponents. The process is very professional and effective. I've played half my life but have learned to think about the game at an even more advanced level as a result of my training with Hybrid Poker.

Hybrid Poker really accelerates learning and understanding, especially valuable for those of us with full schedules and lives.

I have never used a tool so powerful in poker. This will change how we learn poker forever. It’s too good.

Hybrid Poker will change the game of poker as we know it. It is the most aesthetically pleasing way to quickly and easily learn complex poker situations that we have seen to date and it is not close. Get ready to enjoy studying poker.

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